29 July 2014


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Magical Marc

06 July 2014

Competition winner


Dear Marc and Jozi Kids Magazine


Thank you


I really wanted to say a huge thank you to you for the amazing Magic Show which you gave to my granddaughter Emma.  I was hoping to be able to send through a picture but

have not received any.  I know that life is very busy and if I do get something in the near future I will most certainly send it through.


I had a wonderful chat to Emma and she was absolutely delighted at being the centre of attention and told me all about the show.


As I was not able to be there it was no nice to be able to make her day so special.


Thank you to both Magical Marc  and to Jozi Kids magazine for giving me the opportunity of contributing in a small way to her birthday.


With sincere thanks for an amazing show.


Yours sincerely

Bev Groger

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