28 May 2011

Ané's Third Birthday

Ané celebrated her birthday today and went with mom and dad to Sedibeng Plaza in Hartbeespoort.

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14 May 2011

An email from a recent party

Magical Mark came all the way to Witbank, Mpumalanga for my son's 8th birthday party on Friday, 6th of May 2011.  We really did not know what we were in for or the high quality and astounding performance that we would see........
I tell you he truly is AMAZING...........WE AND THE OTHER PARENTS THAT WERE THERE ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT HIM!!!!  There is nothing fake about him as I myself stood close by and was involved in a trick involving a silver fork which just "melted" in his fingers and broke in half right before our very eyes and there is no explanation for it.......Its genuinely mind-boggling and nothing short of "miraculous".  Incredible!!!! Certainly keeps us talking and guessing.  I just wish all the parents could have been at my child's party to see him - simply explaining it does not do him justice at all.
He has such a stage presence and clever wit and sense of humour when performing - with added puns that adults can appreciate and enjoy.  As for his abilities and talents, well we are awe struck to say the least.  I really don't think that there is anything that he cannot do.  The self-limiting beliefs that we all hold and have seem to just not be part of Magical Marc and that is really high potential at its best.  To the children he can make anything possible.  He truly is a special and spectacular entertainer.  The 22 children at the party were all starry-eyed and attentive and it was so amazing to see their eyes glued to Magical Marc and how he involves them.  The kiddies' moms (including me) were so taken in by all that he did.  NEVER A DULL MOMENT, I TELL YOU!!!!
Thank you, Magical Marc, for helping me out in the "last minute" and for coming all the way to Witbank.  You were the highlight of my son's party and will be talked about for a long time to come.  You never once made it sound "impossible" to make it happen for my child.
My younger son has already said he wants you at his party at the end of the year...... And from what we have seen on your web page, the entertainment at restaurants with people from all sorts of backgrounds and ages, there is really nothing more we could ask for in terms of excellent party or function entertainment.  We could be entertained for hours on end.
I highly recommend Magical Marc - you won't need anybody else.  He is the best performer I have ever seen and it is easy to acknowledge that he may be the best entertainer/magician in South Africa.
Yvonne de Sousa (Witbank)
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