28 August 2009

Pictures from Nika's Party!!

Hello Marc,
I have attached some pictures from Nika's party for you.
You can see you had all the adults intrigued too.
Thanks again for an awesome show, the kids could not stop talking about it.
Have a great day.

19 August 2009

Emperors Palace

Here are some photos of a recent gig at Emperors Palace.
The kids all had a good time.

16 August 2009

Glenview Primary School


Dear Magical Marc

I want to thank you for the wonderful show you presented at our school. I really think every learner enjoyed it thoroughly. Times are tough and it is not easy to raise funds when everybody is turning their cents over a few times before spending it. It was here that your show helped me a lot. We raised an easy R11 000-00 and this was without any difficulty.

I can really recommend your show to any other school who want to raise funds the easy way.

Thank you very much.


Tessa Kupke


"Thanx for u;r show!!! kidz and mums enjoyed it!"

Santi Rajchrt

04 August 2009

Do Not Try This At Home!

Don't try it at a friend's place either !!!

These were taken at a recent birthday party in Sandringham.

Afrigator Afrigator